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México 2015


México has been a great experience from the beginning. Next week I comply two months in this country he loves chili (I dont like Chili, so much spicy)

I came to Mexico DF study Dance Workshop, then decided to come to the Yucatan Peninsula, know the Mayan culture and working in the hospitality industry. I do well in the hospitality industry and international tourism. Since i finished university, I began to work in this industry,  short seasons while traveling a neighboring countries, which allowed me continue travelling to the places i wanted to know, or i wanted to be.

But here in Mexico, many complications had foreigners to work in administrative and managerial positions. Although I known to management, human resources and the owners of those hotels. Mexican Immigration bureaucracy did not allow work without a work visa. Which had a cost of about 6000 dollars. And Three months time. Without adding the consular interview in another country (Guatemala, Miami o Belize).

I feel that the rest of Latin America is more flexible, they hire first and then help you with the paperwork. Here in Mexico. Immigration law requires to have work visa, before signing the contract and get to work. First work visa. Something like in the US and Latin immigration.

Yes. In a moment I felt a Mexican girl in America.

Mexico, you are So Cruel, i think the proximity to the US  cool you beautiful heart.

Finally work one week and four days, enough to make an anthropological analysis of the people of this culture, and earn enough money to pay the department rent in Tulum and delicious meals, and my expensive creams … hahaha Money and Vanity and Lazy Life. You know… Thank God i dont need to work everytime, only work when i see that i need more money because the cost of living i want requires…

I was living in Tulum, Quintana Roo, a month, where I worked and I interact with the locals, Mayas peoples (if, Maya, awesome!) and many Mexicans from other states going to Tulum to live and work in the industry of hospitality and tourism, day by day, without sufficient break time, clearly to keep their children and family.

I also relate to foreigners who chose to live there. I made a lot Lobby, and interact with people from different cultural and socio-economic strata. As I always do on every trip.

To me, personally I do not like Tulum, of course, the Caribbean Sea is a sweetie, is lobster season right now, but I do not like the “Towns”, or “Hippies”

I think in Tulum learn a bit more of the hippie culture of the people and interact with the atmosphere of freedom and relaxation, as the adult that I am. But no, I’m not a hippie. I am a tender and sweet person, and I can understand the behavior patterns of these people that deviate from the dominant system, but I need to be part of the dominant system. How to be a contribution?

I think what I do not like Cancun or Tulum was the excessive luxury that could get the humble and working people will spend the money compared to the Americans, instead of valuing its roots.

This “cultural poverty” of the people of the XXI century bothers me a little. We need to teach them content to Latin American children, no matter what they decide to do with your future, but will always have clear of where they come from and what are its roots.

Like everywhere, here in Mexico, some with yachts and others without eating before the fortnight.

I went traveling a couple of weeks ago by the Mayan route, Valladolid, Chichen Itza, Ek Balam, Merida, Dzibichaltun, and take me these couple of days to rest and continue this Sunday for Puuc Route (Uxmal and the rest of caves and ruins ), and continue to Campeche and the surrounding ruins … I am so happy to do this. And essentially, know this indigenous culture here.

Obviously, I am an Indian. I love it.I Love LatinoAmerica Culture. 

I plan to get to Acapulco and Puerto Escondido and spend my summer there … I miss the Pacific Ocean. I want to swim, and run on the beach.

Excuse me for my grammar in English language, but I have dyslexia, I ‘m terrible with languages​​…

Hugs and Kisses Everyone.