Archivo mensual: agosto 2015

Gourmet in México & Guatemala. 

I think I’m addicted to the indigenous food and food field.
The lambs, Humitas in Chile and Tamales in the Peru and Mexico.
In Lima, was addicted to the ceviche of black shells.

On the coast of the sea Caribbean of the shrimp Ceviche.

And here in Mexico and Guatemala to the Tamales (with beans, or meat) feel the same sensation that I felt in the markets of Lima, here on the streets of this city. Guatemala.

Tamales and a myriad of products to eat, natural and made with love.

This is a dream! Really I can’t believe that there is an incredible place in this planet. i Fall in love possibly somewhere more, so with this feeling. But this place is incredible.

Darling, Eat cake 😘🎂

03-08-2015 🍷🍴