Memories with Love ❤️


I think when I decided to go from Northern Chile, don´t think what is was leaving behind. I just thought it was necessary to give me the opportunity to grow and live far away from all those fake and envious bitches that were part of my life, and that they masqueraded as my friends  🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫 👊👊👊👊👊👊👊(That silly one can be when have is 20 years old, you let into your home and into your life to anyone just because you do not think there exist bad people in this world…)

I cost a lot to get to the city like “a Girl from the beach” from the North of Chile, a “Sea Girl 🌺” who loves the sea 🌊 (The Sea is an important part of my heart 💘 as well as Dance 💃 and Music 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶, I come from southern Chile to northern Chile at age 8, and having to live to 13 in hell was a divine punishment, and the sea was the best on the planet. Not only by eating tongues sea urchin sitting on the shore of one of the most beautiful beaches in the north, but also by swimming with the best waves in the north … people who love the sea they understand this.)

When you reach the city, i just attend with bikini in university. No way. So silly!

Leave studying Design and i started studying Dramatic Arts Communication and Audiovisual Communication mention in Cinema. Apart from acquiring multiple skills in Marketing, Philosophy, Environment, Anthropology and Sociology, say no lost time…

The first winter in the city is like Hell (wear well in winter was something quite new) and had no idea what it meant to take charge of my life and my own home to my 22-year-old alone in The city.

I always have “my own home” When i have 21 years old my mother give me my own apartment and my own car… but in a different city far from my dad and my family, it was something complicated start growing…

Brave experience but awesome and the same time. Growing up in the city with french friends, very sophisticated, “You know, Bon après-midi Mademoiselle, je peux servir du jus d’orange fraîchement pressé, et une salade verte naturelle sans vinaigrette s’il vous plaî…”

I am like being “The Indian Chilean Woman” with more money in the city an Indian not use fork or what they were Friday nights with “fondue” and movies. “Where is the sea in this place?”😫 And being with me all the time European peoples to see life in a different way. People from Normandy and pizza. Saturdays with people of France and every sunday with nices movies… I do not understand how my friends with all that intelligence and education could be so ignorant, they did not even know about pre-columbian cultures of South America. “What is that Memé?” “No, is no importance. Best we calculate how long we have left to get married and have children…” “I want to die! 😫 Where is the love in this place? And always stay talking to my aunts and uncles…

Thank God I did not become a snobbish woman. And I started to travel 👑📚📚📚📚📚 To feel really authentic.

I want remember all my adolescence in northern Chile when return from NY. And this is the best of Planet Earth. I have the inspiration to prepare a small exhibition of my paintings. Designing in my home, gardens, interior… Design in my country feels great … Back to paint, draw, and create things with love.


Now I feel even more prepared to go to study dance and Italian to Florence and then to live and study in Los Angeles California.

With love, always feels invincible!

There remains the last arrangements “Script Musical” And finish well the online company of Latin American design, forming with a friend.

Interior design, and live a while in Santiago… maybe spring 🌺 But I do not know…I have to go to northern Chile to visit my nephews and be there at least a month…

For now trapped by my dentists in La Serena until 18 July maybe all july. And end all with my periodontist, my gums are healthy and in perfect condition, now begins the easiest part … so I hope this will end soon. Since I have such a healthy and beautiful smile that I will not smile at no Chilean anymore hahaha. I want to spend a few weeks at the beach house of my best friend in Algarrobo and be in Santiago taking dance classes as usual…

A perfect winter designing with my beautiful memories in my home. Go to running today or wait tomorrow… Nice time in Chile this year.

Melitza Espinoza Pizarro.

The more lucky girl in this world 🎨🌺📷🌈🌊🌠🎶🎶🎶🎶

I am Colo Colo, i am Colo colo, i am colo colo hahaha. The strongest of all, stronger than all these Latin American people…❤️💪💓💞💘🏆😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 #StrongHeart #StrongBody #StrongAndBeautifulMind




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