Tourism 🌌


Latin America.

Important part of Tourism focuses on its trails and trekking routes.
There is a vast area within the archaeological sites only observed through routes that are remote from the areas of Elite Hotels.

The most prestigious Hotels in Latin America are located in remote areas of large cities, within their own environment in a specific area. And this is Beautiful ❤️

Among farthest of the World a Hotel is located, the better is the hotel. I will tell you! This disconnection is that we seek sometimes. 

Hotels of Waves and Beaches in Latin America have immediate connection … But who would not like to light a fire in the sand? 🐚🌊🌺

Say you get a good hotel in the Latin American Amazon is a privilege. The air conditioning in this place the world is pure gold. And within its borders, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, and part of Ecuador, there is an endless number of hotels that provide some necessary comfort.

But when you make a beautiful as the cultural route Maya in Mexico and Guatemala Caribbean trip, you run out of access to many places that you only get to be daring camping away from the hotel one night or maybe two.
Why? Because it is important to establish a connection with the environment.

I was lucky enough to connect well with the world of hospitality and Mayan archeology in the Caribbean in my last Travel. But traveling alone I could not access as far away from the hotel where was.

Islands and Easter Island, there are archaeological places appreciate the sunrise and sunset in a unique and magical way. But say nothing is on an island so far as to force you to not return to the hotel.

In the Aztec culture in the central area of Mexico City you can establish a link with the Moon 🌚…

In Cuzco, Peru, you can do the Inca Trail. And walk for 4 days, and arrive at dawn to Machupichu… Magic, magic and more magic 🌈🌺

I’m not saying that enjoy the amenities of the hotel is something bad or wrong. I like traveling’ve met people in charge of the international Latin American Hospitality and enjoyed its facilities and infrastructure. I’m just trying to explain how necessary it is to know a culture in depth, and for this you have to consider leaving the comfort of the hotel even one or two days … necessary. I promise you, you will thank you. You feel great when you return to the hotel.

People living in full day to day comfort me understand what I say, sometimes you need to go to connect with the environment.

You know the Amazon?

There is a place in the beginning of the Amazon River in Peru. Tingo Maria, a place with the most beautiful waterfalls in Latin America, beautiful rocks and a wild beauty that you breathe really paradise … before arriving at Pucallpa. It is a great for daring to meet amazon place. If European readers will love this.

The Island of sun, is a Bolivian island ❤️ You have to walk “the route of the sun” (three to five hours) – On these trips you have to be prepared with Hat, Caps, Water and sun protection. The sun is very powerful and sometimes evil 🔥🌞

And of course, forget San Pedro de Atacama and its Lagunas and Salares, is an incredible pleasure to be outside the hotel for one night.

I do not tell them to leave their homes paradise beaches or hotels, but venturing once a year is not a bad thing. It is a gift for the spirit.

You have spirit? 🐎

Philosophy 📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚


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