Philosophy about love in a sleepy day, when you feeling you uterus, when you have uterus, and it hurts, and you sleep all day and all night 💤❤️👌🏻 And you only want drink tea and stay and talk with you dad about the divorce 💆🏻

And you dad explain you, like a sweet pastor, the love sometimes end, and you don’t accept this, you never accept this, the love, the real love is forever, or don’t call love.

And this hurt because you know the feeling of love in you heart… but you never understand the love of your parents 👘👑

Why marriage?

Why construction a family?

This is “adult game”?

When my parents marriage, my dad begins working hard, a very happy boy with a beautiful wife, feeling so much love, little stupid with so much confidence with all people. The first thing the construction it a cozy home very close to the beach and then i’m pretty sure my parents made me with all the more real love in the world. I was born after his second year of marriage…

My dad always make me super super super happy with the sea food and always dance and a have so many presentations in my college. Always in the gym and dance. Always with teachers, tell me “I am super star” Always super happy… my dad don’t have so much time, always working but when stay in home always play and stay with me, and always feeling happy with him… and my mom fell in love with someone else 💔

How is it possible that someone without heart, can destroy a family?

If someone stops loving someone, frees that person, and goes away with that new person than love…

Is a bad thing destroy a family. But is ok. If you really feel love, go away and don’t destroy more “the situation”  (You know, destroy a family)

If someone in a marriage is no more happy, and don’t feeling more love, and love a someone new. Go away with this person. You have the freedom (the other person love you, and give the freedom. The other person is happy with the kids, with the family)

And the family maybe feeling little sad, but better than stay with a person than don’t feeling more love for the family 💔🍯🍓❤️👌🏻

Why trying to destroy the family what built? Why don’t go away with the new person than love?


If you don’t love anymore the person you married, why not leave it free to be happy!? And you go away with you new love, or you pasional lover?


Love is see happy to other person than you love. Love is to let someone else free, and that other person is happy without your love. You give freedom to be happy with someone else. But don’t try to destroy his heart. That is to feel hatred. Not love.

How is it possible that love turns to hate, and attempts to injure and damage something innocent and pure.

Family have kinds, and kinds don’t have the fault for the relationship of the parents… remember this when you thing in divorce… When you thing in a marriage… When you thing in a family… when you thing in play a “role”  in this world only for fun…

For me (a woman with a uterus 😍) LOVE is a super important thing in this life, in this existence, love is the meaning of my life, is heaven in earth, if you don’t believe in love don’t call me stupid, child, or crazy for believe in love and don’t play a “role” in this world, or in this professional adult game. I am an smart person, no need to play the game of a professional role, just work when I need to. I don’t care is a working like a waitress in a beautiful caribe beach or a architect in my home… is simple.

Because is you have a family, you construction something super important for other people. This is not a play where all we see you play to be a big person, smart, seriously and bad.

This is the reality and the future that choice with all the freedom in the world. If you choice love you have love, if you choice hate you have hate.

Is impossible that you be happy with the suffering and damage a other people. Is something simple. When you feel hate and try to destroy someone you just want hate.


#Love #Philosophy #Family #Uterus #TalkWithDad

Uterus Day, a real eternal Uterus. Uterus, uterus, and uterus… I HAVE UTERUS 👸🏻


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