Most impressive in Latin America is the level of ignorance. There’s no doubt. Ignorant parents and ignorant mothers raising children in an ignorant environment…
I have never condemned ignorance, as at this time. Everyone once were be ignorant? Nobody leaves the uterus of the mother with physical and mathematical studies. Just one educates over time, pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, primary, secondary, college, university and stop being so ignorant… sometimes people continue be ignorant, without wisdom 🌊🌊🌊🌊 🏊🏻‍♀️

But always within our lives we have something more to learn. Finally every human being has the potential to learn, educate and grow, so human life works…

Education and public health in Chile, Latin America, and North America  is not quality. To have education and health have to have money (or love). And remember that the highest percentage of people in this country and continent belongs to the poor class and the middle class, and they don’t have parents who work hard to deliver education and health.

Recall also that the reasoning is what allows us to differentiate ourselves from the animals because we have a sense of reflection, self understanding and judgment.

And remember that within humanity rather than a brain full of information IS MORE VALUABLE A NOBLE AND HONEST HEART ❤️🍓👌🏻 that’s what allows us to differentiate a spiritual being and another that is not.

Spirituality is important. Spirituality is believe in Love ❤️🙌🏻✨🙏🏻

Within this large percentage in Chile and Latin America there are a large number of people (men and women) ignorant and naive with candy hearts that is not so conscious of evil. And these people with a naive ignorance, with a pure ignorance are the main focus of brutal crimes in Chile and South America.

Evil exists. And evil is happy in a world of ignorance. For wickedness it is a little smarter than ignorance. And you can lie, manipulate and play the role that suits you to achieve your goals and purposes (hurt, hurt, hurt and hit people)

I don´t think that ignorance is normal. Ignorance exists to be educated. View and interact with ignorant people in this continent is not normal. It’s not something you have to simply accept. It is a duty of each person to educate their environment, so that their environment a better place.

Ignorance exists and has ways of naive, charitable and primary spiritual life.

Brutality has often dirt and resentment.

And this is where evil lives happily, this is where the evil is to act in a comfortable sector.

We define evil in the freedom of a person to harm children. Someone who can not care for and protect a child and can cause damage. In a short word, PEDOPHILIA. The most horrific and ugly crime.

Recall, that transcends socio economic and cultural sector. Ignorance and naivete exists in different economic and cultural partner ranks.

Only the brutality and savagery usually found in the poorest strata.

Today I read through the Internet (because I do not see national media, just my favorite radio while driving) that a man had been able to rape, beating and burning a girl 10-year-old in the country to which I belong. A brutal crime that falls within the concept of barbarism in this century. 

Some years ago a Chilean politician, Jorge lavandero, (deputy and senator) belonging to a Christian Democratic party (not a spiritual person), committed the crime of sexually abuse minors (children from low-income) on their land in southern Chile.

And within this year an entrepreneur a businessman Chilean men, Claudio Spiniak began with a network of child prostitution and child pornography production.

How is it possible that pedophilia is normal in the XXI century?

As a society may thus allow the vulnerability of children?

What happened a few days ago in my country is a specific case, which was made public due to the death of a girl 10 years. But such cases abound in this country and on this continent.

What class of parents have this continent?

More cases of this nature exist within Latin America, but the family courts are so ignorant that they are not able to do anything about it. People working in these courts, trust naively a father or a mother who cries tears…

Recall that Latin America is a lawless town. 

The law is the side that has the money to buy freedom in a life of crime…

How is it possible to live “happily” in a country, in a continent, in a world, full of ignorance, injustice and barbarity. And people who have access to education laugh at these people. But that does not help them become better people and to create a better society.

How is it possible that the governments of Chile no decision to think through this case, on pedophilia within our country.

Where are the mothers (Stupid) who rely on bad men (manipulators and smarter than they) to “take care” of our children.

The 10 year old girl who died was called Florence, a girl from a poor socio economic and cultural sector in our country. The man was his “stepfather” a man who had to care for and protect, and that was in ignorance of the mother the possibility of raping, beating and killing a brutal way to a girl.

The idea is not only grieve for the terrible things that happen on this planet, if not try to find solutions, and achieve reflections, to achieve improved as a country, continent and planet.

Telling poor class Mexicans they are dirty. And it is urgent to have a good level of health for their children. Where is the medicine in this place? The same thing in Amazon… Perhaps doctors in Latin America don’t have vocation of service?

Tell Chileans who are hypocrites for swear better than ignorance but not compared than other countries. People in chile they are mediocre people? 

Tell the Peruvians and Bolivians who have a beautiful culture and it is important to control the level of birthrate of their country. It is possible that a “girl” carge his son and has to beg a “sun” (national currency) to eat bread. There are really no king & queen in a country with colonial history? 

Degree of hypocrisy that we as a country when legislating on abortion or the use of morning-after pill, when we look around us this degree of ignorance, brutality and barbarism… “So, is okay this way, and me (a bad, horrible and cruel woman or men) am superior to all of them…”

The solution is education! EDUCATION WITH LOVE! TEACH THE IMPORTANT THING TO LOVE THEIR CHILDREN. Poor, rich, middle class, we all need to be loved. And learn to protect each other.

It is to raise awareness in those parents his children are top priority. And no man or woman who comes into their lives is more important than this.

We must learn to tell the truth. What we think in the faces of people, to educate ignorance, and make them aware of their degree of ignorance so that in this way and care protegan childhood.

How is it possible that a stupid journalism, spent years of his life devoted to talk about my life with the aim to smear my reputation, and hurt people who loved me, and with this she feel superior, rather will investigate something more importan. 

I’m impressed with the fact accept people with a naive ignorance, they are guilty of letting evil triumph and abound.

Latin America is probably a paradise for pedophiles.

Children with poor parents.

Children with ignorants parents.

Vulnerable children against evil. Children with no one to teach them the right way to live.

They may believe that people who enjoy a certain prestige and privilege really don’t care much what happens to ignorance (because they and their families can educate) Selfish bitch, for sure.  

Do you can differentiate a child without parents and another with parents?  The only thing they lack these children is that someone cares for them. Because their parents, ignorant. With their ignorance. They can not take care of their education and future.

The case of Florence, happened in Coyhaique. A “town” in the south of chile.

How they did not realize before this happened?

What degree of ignorance is the mother and family of this child?

This man raped her, beat her and burned her stepdaughter.

Barbarism and brutality is the kingdom of evil. 

We crown our Kings in Latinoamérica. 
Womans who loves and protects a man’s more than a girl or a children’s. And a man who loves fuck, don’t care the heart of a woman, only want fuck, fuck, fuck and fuck… remember is a man… fuck is normal, he have a penis, no have a heart for be a good father….

Welcome to Chile a country of pedophiles. 

Shhhhhhh… remember this is the country of ignorance and hipocrite peoples… is normal feeling higher if we have education and healthy but no heart ❤️ for health all this naive ignorance! 

Norteamerica differentiates latinoamerica for the money, but it is exactly the same human quality… White trash? let’s remember to Jeffrey Epstein an American financier and adolescent cases of pedophilia, not super young girls than 9 years, if no girls of 12 or 14 years, “with more body, you know, the dream come true man”… remember, a men have penis, no heart!







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