FRIENDSHIP 🏀 #YourTeam #YourSide 👊




Friendship is Pure 👉👈

Definitely, friends are the family we choose.

And that choice is made with total freedom, because she choose to be a part of your life, or you, choose be part of someone’s life (Something great to meet a great friend. It is not like this?) 

Friends gladden and enrich your life, spiritually & emotionally (because they share tastes of books, movies, art or have a hobby in common, or have the same style of clothing and love the same music, etc…)  🏈 You know, someone in your personal space of entertainment, someone who is entertaining with the same things as you. With a game of basketball in the garden, running watching the sunset, swimming in the ocean, cooking delicious dinner or just enjoy a good romantic comedy… True friends make you life better! 🌈

We could say with total certainty that no one can force us to have a friend. Friendship is a kind of natural love, which is born through admiration and mutual respect オリンピック・パラリンピック 🙏👘🀄🍚🇯🇵

Friendship is super important, even more so when we grow and develop as “adult” people in a somewhat cold world ❄️ And Friendship is the best circle where to move. Because you know you have trusted people 🔑

I don´t know if all the people have had bad friends. But it is super important to realize what kind of people surround us and what is the motivation that keeps them close to one.

Friends that are next to you just to access your social group, and get together with your university classmates. Just to give an example. Or people who just want to be able to put a camera in your apartment and see what it is that you do during the day, because this people feel an incredible curious about your private life, which is only satisfied if they watch you make pee 🐚

Finally the idea is not to do things to fit into a fake group.

If you are “twenty something” and your friends just think about getting married and having kids. You don´t have to feel compelled to have the same ideals as your group of friends. You need follow the path to your happiness.

Finally, one forms a marriage when one is truly in love with someone, and if you don´t find true love before thirty, you have to be brave and face life with your dreams of youth, and not settle for a mediocre life because you don´t can be alone and you want to be part of that group “Fake friends” 🔥 in a “Fake life” 🔥

If your friends are married, well, your friends will continue to be your friends in any way they have chosen, however different they are, because that is what friendship is about, wanting and loving someone being free to choose life that want.

The idea is “don´t push us for trying to fit in” and instead flow naturally. People who have your frequency will come to you, naturally, and people who don´t, get away from you, in the same way…

Friendship has a solid root, from which a friendship grows. Like a plant or a tree 🌳

This solid root is composed mainly of Loyalty, Admiration, Respect, Confidence, Love & Honesty ✨🙌

Loyalty is fundamental, and something super important for a friendship to be true. In choosing a friend we make a vow of loyalty with this person, a secret ballot, where we decide to be loyal to a certain person. Why? Because it is our Friend and loyalty is fundamental for the construction of an Authentic, Healthy and true relationship.

What good is it to have a friend whom you will betray and deceive? That would be called TRASH more than a friendship. 

Loyalty is as important as Honesty. A friend has to be able to tell the truth. Simply, tell the truth. Why? Because friendship is a true relationship. T R U E – R E L A T I O N S H I P! 🌊🌅🌌🌺📷

When you have a friend you deliver a blind trust, where this person has the keys  and access to our privacy. And we blindly trust that our friend will protect our privacy as if it were his.  Why should I be your friend then?

Trust in the other. Why? Because he is your friend, and your friend would never deceive you, nor lie you, what would be the point of friendship then?

When you are a child, you are more stupid, and you trust any person, and you think that person is as good and naive as you, and you give your trust, thinking that this person will be loyal and honest, but then, you realize that person was never be your friend, simply wanted to benefit from your friendship, frequent your friends and move in your own social circle, no matter if he was loyal or honest with you, if not simply benefiting from you, no matter how good or bad feeling you, because that person only cared about one thing, his own well-being.

A friendship never has to be that selfish. If you have a friend you want the best for him and you sometimes forget about your personal benefit if it hurts for you friend. This is how true friendship works. 

We have all gone through difficult things in our lives, life is full of emotional moments that mark us as human beings, the death of our pet, or of a loved one, lose a class in the last year of university, an important argument with someone you love, etc. And it is those people who accompany you in those difficult moments, the people who really show your love for you. Because a friend will never want to see you sad, depressed, or angry. A friend will want to see you happy, doing what you love ❤️👍

The ideal is not to be a victim, and become a burden of suffering for another person, not be  a nuisance for our friends “Oh, poor me, i´m a victim! you need to help me, comfort me, and take care of me, maybe take charge of my life” NO WAY! Friends love you because you are someone super cool and super strong, able to face any challenge you propose.

Many times it is better to suffer in silence and alone, to understand what we are going through ourselves, to understand ourselves and to know that we have the consolation of our own spirit.

But sometimes one is overcome by certain moments, and it is well to feel the confidence to share this with someone else…

With true friends, one always has the freedom to decide whether to remove the armor or not.

When one feels confidence in another it is because one feels that person is honest and loyal to you. One does not trust someone who lies and cheats. Who could trust a person who lies and cheats? 

It is one thing to know how to act 🎭  and to interpret characters with solid arguments, and another thing is to deceive, lie, manipulate and use people who give you their trust.
They are two very different things. Act 🎭 v/s Manipulate 😫  One is a talent, other is a fake life. 

In conclusion, life is full of people, the ideal is to choose with the heart the people around us, and the people to whom we give the keys of our prized privacy.

Having good friends is something super important, invaluable, that not only rejoices us, but we are proud, because they are the ones who are able to open our wings and blow super strong to see us fly 💘

I am grateful that the universe has given me such beautiful people in my life, to trust, they are the right ones, I don´t need more.

And bad people, they have the fake life they deserve. Fake friends, bad choices, fake life.




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