BARBIE MALIBU S.XXI 🌈🤸🏻‍♀️🏀🍯💗📚🤘🏻

Sincerely I believe that for the society of this century barbies are not a threat against women.

The barbies (for more stereotypes that are of a beautiful woman) manage to make women love the women themselves.

“When you’re 10, you just want your barbie to be the prettiest of all, right? Well, you’d have to feel that forever! Feel this for any girl” 💗🍯👌🏻

I think the real harm to society is inflatable dolls 🤘🏻 which have only one purpose, to be the fun of men. Which I do not think any mother would like. 

Disgusting, no! 🤘🏻

We don’t want to be the fun of mother fuckers! 🤘🏻

We (Sweet women) want to be loved, and find our Ken, or our Jedi, or our Warrior, or Prince, or Emperor… Or any of those things that you have imagined since childhood.

📚📚📚📚📚 When men believe themselves to be Emperors, they go about making old fools who think that power and money are everything, so better that Princes, more sweet. But a super smart and sweet Emperor is fine and awesome. An Emperor must be super intelligent. But you do not have to lose your sweetness 👘  FACE ME! ⚔️ “Invincible Goddess Of the Sword” 超サイヤ人ゴッド I’M GOING TO DIE SWEET! 💘

Well. You know, the love we imagined since we were girls 💞💕💗💓💘💝


I love the barbies!

Little girls love it!

One as a woman does not have to think that someone “pink” and “barbie” is stupid. While you educate you can be as much barbie as you want. Capiche? I think we have learned to grow up in a society that forces us as women to extinguish us, to hide and to shut us down 🤘🏻❄️🚀

📚📚📚 The education is important, but the colors is everything! 🌈

The colors in our life are important, and if we lose that, we lose our light, our magic, our self-love. And this is the most important thing! LOVE 💗


The barbies belong to men who love with all their heart. LOVE IS THE MORE IMPORTANT 💗

The barbies belong to women who want to see her beautiful. Comb your hair, dress it and take care of it. Like a beautiful mother. A mother who feels love, not anger for the beauty of her own daughter. LOVE 💗

Be a Barbie if you want!

Be a princess, be a super sweet Queen ❄️👘⚔️  Ice sometimes, only if you have to fight the battle with a disgusting woman, or a disgusting man 超サイヤ人ゴッド LOVE IS THE MORE IMPORTANT, AND LOVE IS PURE! 🍯

But be always sweet, be super strong to wait real true love, be smart “So you do not try to damage how sweet there i am. Yeah,  i am super smart and sweet! I am Happy, and i like dance!” and play with the children’s!

Fun, right? Well, Then you are a barbie! A beautiful woman!

Best regards.

Barbie Malibu 🌈🦄👙🙋🏻


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