Chile Post Plebiscite. 1989 📚📚📚

The most dirty sluts in the world! (You know, fuck very very well, burning and hot night)  You are a man you have a dick, you don’t have a Heart 💗

How much cost does your pussy? 🌸🌊🐚🌠🙏

My car?
Your car?
A lunch in a fine restaurant?
Or a Dinner in the Bahamas?

Easy, right? 🍓👊🏀

Who wants to fuck free in this country?
It’s better if the Dick that fucks you has money, right?

If your pussy costs a lot, then this men buy a ring, a house, a car, and many expensive dinners, it does not matter if the mother fucker does, If he is bad, if he is stupid, if he does not realize how you manipulate him, or you deceive him. Much better stupid, no? The idea is to pay for your pussy.

This is Chile without Pinochet. They are victims, they have no money, it is okay to price your pussy. Don’t worry, you are a god person, you are a victim. 

So? 🌎

“What’s up, you mother fucker?” 💿📀💽🎶🎶

This is Chile without Pinochet. THE PUSSY IT HAS A COST!

You just have to start crying.
No matter what Whore, Dirty, Bad, and Stupid you are.
It’s Chile, the country of whores.

Long live the Hookers! (She think is better of the person who cleans and cares for you. They believe themselves to be smarter than the person who cooks in your house. Stupid, Right?)

The Queen of chile, the Empress of this chile, post-plebicito, has to be the most expensive bitch of all. Right? You know, It does not matter whether it’s the man, it’s the same whether it’s good or bad, it’s the same if it’s stupid, it’s the same if it’s dirty, it’s the same if it’s fat, it’s the same if it’s not able to cleanse the ass, gives the same, fucking son of a bitch, have the money, have a fucking crown fucking!

I GIVE A SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

The Culture of Chile, post-plebicito. I am Bolivian!

My heart mother fucker NEVER! KISS MY ASS! 💗👌🏻





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