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Poema. “OH APPLE!” 🍎✨👌

A week in Pucon learning English. And a journey to work in Patagonia.
I am inagurating my blog with one of my deepest poems: OH APPLE!
I hope that you enjoy it as you would a painting of a still life.


OH apple.
Sweet and healthy.
You are the most tempting fruit that exists in the universe.
Without you, I think that I could not live.
You are special each morning, each afternoon, and each night.
For you, schedules do not exist.
Time and flavor does not exist.

OH apple.
Let be bite you once, and again, and again
And so to know the pleasure of your taste.

OH apple.
Thank you for giving me the pleasure to taste you.
I could not be more happy

OH apple
That you may rest in my stomach
That in this moment you are starting the digestive process inside of me
I want to tell you
Before it is too late
Apple without you I could not live
You are the fruit that makes my existence happy


OH manzana.
Dulce y sana
Eres la fruta más tentadora que existe en el universo
Sin ti, creo que no podría vivir
Eres especial cada mañana, cada tarde y cada noche
No existen horarios para ti
No existe tiempo y sabor

OH manzana
Déjame morderte una vez y otra vez y otra vez
Y así conocer el placer de tu sabor

OH manzana
Gracias por darme el placer de probarte
No podría ser más feliz

OH manzana
Que descansan en mi estomago
Que haces en este momento el proceso digestivo dentro de mí
Quiero decirte
Antes de que sea demasiado tarde
Manzana sin ti no podría vivir
Eres la fruta que alegra mi existencia

PD: Te quiero comer tanto como a una Manzana ♥


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